Organ Transplant Logistics

Organ Transplant Logistics by Air Ambulance

Organ transplantation involves a surgery where the failed or damaged organ (due to any disease or injury) is surgically replaced with another organ donated by a healthy person. The process of organ transplant needs many medical conditions to be suitable for donor as well as for the recipient and that is why it becomes very difficult to find a suitable match for organ transplant. Organ transplantation is indeed the miraculous discovery but unfortunately it is restricted with timely organ transport.

In a scenario where the demand of organs to be transplanted has exceeded to be much higher than the supply because there is less number of donors than the people who are waiting for suitable lifesaving organ transplant, timely organ transport is crucial. Air ambulances play an important role in such transport.

What is an air ambulance?

An air ambulance is a medical transport unit that can carry the patient or the donated organs from remote location to another location or where the organ transplant recipient is being treated or to the place of better facility. Air ambulances are helicopters for very short distance and fixed wings for international or medium distance. The services of air ambulance can be private or a charitable service and others may be hospital owned to serve its patients. The service of air ambulance can be available on call.

Role of air ambulance in organ transplantation

Finding the transplantable organs is quite a battle in itself, if you are fortunate enough to find an appropriate donor, you would certainly not like to risk the life of the recipient over slow means of road transportation. Air ambulances are 100% safe for sensitive organs like kidney and liver transport. The Air Ambulance selection is very important in the transportation process. It is essential to be sure that aircraft and pilot are always available and will take off on time.

Benefits of air ambulance

Air ambulances are very important transport medium for patients but it also serves to carry the organs to the recipient in time and it can also be used to carry the organ transplant recipient to the location where the organ awaits. It can be very stressful for anyone who is in need of a suitable organ and air ambulances serve to save their lives. Other benefits of the air ambulance include:

  • Speedy transportation of the patient or the organs to be transplanted
  • Safe transportation with medical facilities and attendants to handle any emergency condition
  • Air ambulance provides a bump free and very comfortable flight to the patients to avoid further complications
  • Air ambulances is the fastest means of organ transportation to reach the organ transplant recipient in good condition

AVIATORS picks up your medical team with an appropriate aircraft from your hospital, flies them to the hospital where the organ awaits collection and back to the receiving hospital. AVIATORS insurance also covers your medical teams while on board.