1How did the Aviators Air Rescue (AAR membership program start)?
AAR membership program is being launched for the First Time in India with the objective of making the Air Ambulance Services affordable and accessible to all at the time of an Emergency. Our Vision is to reach out to everyone with a Cost Effective Solution which will be in complete contrast to the existing Air Ambulance Services within the country which is currently Overpriced, Expensive and Unaffordable to all at the time of an Emergency.
2How much is the membership/subscription Fee of the AAR Program and its validity?
The Membership/Subscription fee for an Individual is Rs. 3,000 per year and for a Family (2 Adults +2 Children below 18 yrs of Age) is Rs. 6,000 per year, Taxes Extra as applicable. An additional Adult Family Member can be included at an additional cost of Rs. 3,000 per year. Along with the subscription fee the Subscriber needs to update his/her medical history online.
3If my children are residing at different Locations, will they be a part of the Family Subscription?
Yes if they are staying within the boundaries of the coverage area.
4What benefits will I receive as an AAR Member / Subscriber and what extra do I have to pay for the Service other than the membership fee?
As an AAR member (INDIVIDUAL / FAMILY) you will be covered for the following:
  • Assisting with Ground Ambulance
  • Air Ambulance Transport

As an AAR member you shall be entitled to the following benefits: Any number of Transfers for upto 5 hours of Air Ambulance usage, a combined cover of upto Rs. 1 Lakh for Stabilization & Ground Ambulance Service within the membership period, in the event of an Emergency. Membership is valid in all our service areas ensuring that you and your family are covered even while on Business and Leisure Holidays. Communication, Care and Transport Protocols ensure Appropriate and quick Prompt Response including choice of Air or Ground Transport. As a Member, you get the benefit of a Complete Cashless Transaction for Emergency Medical Transportation. This ensures that when Time is of the Essence, it is important that the Financial Transactions do not compromise the actual Emergency situation which requires Immediate Attention.
5What is the definition of a Family?
Family = Husband + Wife + Child 1 + Child 2
Children should be less than 18 years of age.
Additional Adult Family Member Rs. 3,000/- per year, person living at the same address.
6Without the subscription can we avail the service?
Yes, depending on the location where the service is requested and availability of the Air Ambulance basis charter rates.
7What is included in my membership?
Membership includes:
  • Assisting with Ground Ambulance.
  • Air Transport to the Nearest Appropriate Medical Facility for cases which are Triaged according to the Life threatening or other Medical Emergency Situations leading to permanent disability/ death of the member.
  • Trained Medical Crew inside the Air Ambulance to provide Stabilization and Monitoring till the member reaches the Appropriate Medical Facility.
  • Access to Operations Call Centre consisting of Trained Paramedics, Doctors and Operations Executives to plan, prioritize and monitor an Air Ambulance Transfer from the time of pick up till Successful handover to the Medical Care Facility.
  • Air Ambulance Operation which can support from dawn to dusk
  • One Emergency number for direct access at the time of Emergency.
  • Individual and family ID cards on becoming a member.
8Is there a Special package for the old aged living separately?
Anyone, up to the age of 70 years can subscribe to our existing package. Health history needs to be provided for the individual/s before a confirmation of a membership.
9Can I transfer my subscription to anyone in the family who is in an emergency situation?
Subscription transfer is not allowed.
10Will I benefit if I refer the subscription to my Friends?
You can be a part of the MGM (Member get Member) programs that are periodically conducted by Aviators Air Rescue.
11Are there any Tax benefits for the subscription paid?
No, Not as of now.
12Is there a limit to the number of Transports a Member can avail in a year?
a. Air Ambulance usage allows for any number of trips if the Total Flying does not exceed 5 hours.
b. Upto Rs. 1 Lakh for Initial Stabilization and Ground Ambulance usage in a year as a combined limit.
13Do you cover any specific Critical Medical conditions/ Diseases?
Our service is providing Rapid Transport and pre-hospital care for any Medical Emergency and Trauma. However, any pre-existing Medical conditions need to be declared by the Subscriber while applying for a subscription.
14Will you provide any additional Health checkups?
15Do I get multiple Services till I am cured?
No, the service of a Ground Ambulance, Stabilization and Air Ambulance is till we transfer the patient to a Tertiary Care Facility and doesn’t cover till the time of cure However, as a result of the diagnosis, if the patient requires an Organ or a Special Medication which is available at a different town, the Air Ambulance is activated for this also, provided it is within the overall limit of 5 hours of usage.
16What is the number I need to contact in case of an Emergency?
Our Emergency contact number is Toll-free 1800-425-77777
17What kind of help can I expect on a call? what is the procedure followed by AAR after the receipt of an Emergency call?
The Paramedic/ Doctor on the call will firstly assess the condition of the patient by asking a set of relevant questions to the caller. Based on the assessment they will guide the caller regards the immediate steps to be taken with regards to the patient. In parallel, our contact center will activate the nearest available Ground Ambulance for an immediate rescue. Based on the Paramedic’s assessment, if the need arises, an Air Ambulance will be activated.
18Under what circumstances should I reach out to your emergency number?
In any kind of Medical Emergency, as we are just not Transporters, but your one stop help, for all Medical Emergency requirements.
19Is your Emergency Number restricted only to members or will it be public like 108?
Yes, it is restricted to members only.
20What language will be known to your agents who receive the call?
We are capable of communicating in English, Hindi & the local languages of our operational/ serviceable areas.
21Where will the call center be located? How well are you equipped to trace the location of incidence in case of any emergency?
Our call center is based at Bangalore. We use State-of-the-Art Call Centre Technologies including EPABX, CTI, ACD, IVR and Computer Aided Dispatch. Emergency handling of subscriber related:
22How will I be identified as an “Aviators Air Rescue Subscriber”, when I’m in an emergency and not in a position to call?
The subscriber kit will have the following subscriber identification elements which need to be carried at all times. These elements will have the Emergency number to be reached by any third party, who is calling on behalf of the patient:
  • HELP-ME-Wrist Band.(HELP-ME Wrist Band)
  • Membership card
  • Baggage tags
  • Stickers for cars and bikes
  • Mobile app
23Should I carry my membership card with me at all times?
Yes. It is advised to ensure that all the identification elements (as listed above) are carried by you so that in case of an emergency it becomes easier for you to be identified.
24What happens if I forget to carry the tag? Will you be able to identify me?
No. We cannot easily identify you if any of the above mentioned identification elements are not with you at the time of an emergency. However, we may still have other options e.g. your registered mobile number, your registered email id.
25I am a backpacker and frequently travel to remote locations like forests and mountains. How will your service help me if I am in such a remote location?
We will need to be contacted for any assistance to get activated. It could either be through a call from a third party based on the identification elements, or a distress call through the app by the subscriber.
26If I have the family subscription for 4 and incase of an accident where all of us are hurt, how will you operate?
We will send a combination of a Ground Ambulance, additional Paramedics and the Air Ambulance depending on the number of patients that need to be treated.
Depending on the condition of the patient(s), as assessed by the paramedic on the call, priorities will be assigned for transport as per Triage Protocols.
27What happens when you take me to a hospital that I cannot afford, without my consent?
The service envisages a cashless benefit (within limits) for using the Ground Ambulance support, local initial Stabilization and the use of an Air Ambulance to travel to the nearest appropriate Definitive Care Facility.
During the subscription we also collect the details of your health insurance cover, if any and we endeavor to take you to a Medical Care Facility which is covered by your Health Insurance on a best effort basis. Our focus is to ensure that you are transferred to an immediate Tertiary Care Centre as soon as possible.
If the subscriber does not carry any Health Insurance, then we will transfer him/ her to the nearest Tertiary Care Centre. And the cost of treatment will have to be borne by the subscriber.
28If you receive multiple calls, how will you prioritize your service?
Priority is based on a first-call-first-serve basis, after applying Triage Protocols.
29What are the legal consequences you face, if you do not attend to my emergency on time?
We are using the fastest mode of transport currently available. Our Team is fully equipped to handle any emergency, and the time to reach the destination depends on many parameters such as the distance, the location, the terrain, weather conditions, etc. Our services will be delivered on a best effort basis and we are not responsible for the outcome of the patient’s condition.
30If I am a member and end up being transported by any other ground or Air Ambulance service, who is responsible for the bill?
Such claims are outside the purview of Aviators Air Rescue.
31Will you be able to take the patient to his or his family’s choice of hospital?
Our goal is to save a life. Our protocol is to first Stabilize the Patient and take him/ her to the nearest Tertiary Care Centre, which is equipped to address the condition. If your choice of hospital falls under our protocol, addresses the condition of the patient and is the nearest, we shall take you to the hospital of your choice.
FAQ on Fleet Management – Ground, Stabilization and Air:
HEMS Operations related:
32Which areas do you cover?
As of now, we cover the Southern states of India; namely Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry and Telangana.
33Do you have permission to land the helicopters in busy areas?
As per DGCA Regulations we have mapped all possible landing sites across cities and districts in South India. We will be obtaining pre-approvals for landing.
34What are the approvals and clearances you have to run this operation?
We are a HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) license holder under DGCA HEMS Regulations.
35Under what conditions is air transport not possible?
  • During bad weather conditions, considering the safety of the Operation and the crew on board, the pilot takes the final decision to abort a mission at any time.
  • During the scheduled maintenance of the helicopters or during any major breakdown, HEMS will not operate.
  • Entering any restricted air space/ region HEMS will not be taking off until we obtain the required permission.
  • However, under all the above conditions, our Ground Ambulance and stabilization services will be actively used.
36Under what conditions would I be transported by an Air Ambulance?
The Aviators Air Rescue Team, led by the Doctor and Paramedics at the Operation Command Center and the Ground Ambulance are well trained to establish the need for an Air Ambulance during an Emergency. Aviators will dispatch an Air Ambulance based on the recommendation of the Doctor at the Operations Control Centre (OCC).
37Can I be accompanied by a family member in the Air Ambulance?
No. Family members are not allowed during Air Transport. However, in special Neo-Natal/ Pediatric transfers the Mother, may be allowed to travel on the advice of the Doctor.
38Do you transfer the demised, enrolled with Aviators Air Rescue from a hospital to the home destination?
39 What is the course of action when the patient dies on board?/ What if the subscriber dies in transit?
In case of death on board we will either reach the destination or origin depending on the nearest airport and the body will be handed over to the referring or receiving hospital, whichever is nearer. The Aviators Air Rescue service ends here.
40Where are your Helicopters positioned?
The Helicopters will be strategically positioned in Karnataka, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.
41Which hospital will I be taken to?
We have mapped stabilization centers and Tertiary Care Centres across all the southern Indian states. All the routes and stages are accurately mapped and monitored by our team the OCC(Operation Command Centre), backed by an efficient Computer Aided Dispatch Software.
42Will you provide the list of hospitals and their locations?
This is available as part of our database. These details will be available on our website and are updated regularly.
43What extra charges do I have to pay for the service other than the membership fee?
No extra charges are payable. The complete gamut of services including First Aid Advice, Ground Ambulance (if required), Local Initial Stabilization and the Air Ambulance are covered. The cost of Tertiary Care immediately after initial stabilization, whether continued in the same hospital or any other hospital will not be covered.
44Will I have to pay for the essential drugs used in air transportation?
Drugs required for Medical Emergencies or used for stabilization and during transportation are included in the cost of the subscription and there will be No Additional Charges to the patient.
45Is the Aviators Air Rescue membership the same as an insurance policy?
No. Aviators Air Rescue is not an Insurance Company. An Aviators Air Rescue membership is not an insurance policy and cannot be considered as secondary insurance coverage or as supplemental coverage to any insurance policy. Membership provides end-to-end Emergency Response services until admission into a Tertiary Care facility.
46My insurance company has an air ambulance cover so why do I need this membership?
  • Most insurance companies pay only a portion of the sum insured. This is not sufficient to cover the complete costs of an Air Ambulance. The average cost of a Chartered Air Ambulance ranges anywhere from Rs.3 Lacs to Rs.5 Lacs depending on the location where the service is required. You may want to check with your individual insurance policy to find out exactly how will much they cover in the case of an Air Ambulance transport.
  • Insurance companies don’t organize a seamless service from first medical advice until Tertiary Centre admission.
47Does any insurance company cover this service?
We are supported by the United India Insurance Company. Not Applicable for Foreign Visitors.
48Will the service include ESI facilities at hospitals (Employee’s State Insurance)?
ESI hospitals are not part of this proposal.
49What is the customer profile we will be focusing on?
For the first 6 months we need to focus on HNI Families, Businessmen, Professionals who are away from specialty medical care, who travel a lot and work in high pressure & hazardous work environments.
  • He should not have been declined by any other insurance agent
  • Someone who isn’t paying a higher critical illness premium for his existing health insurance policy
  • One who isn’t presently critically ill or needs attention in the immediate future
50What is included under stabilization?
Stabilization cover is only used to stabilize the patient during emergencies before shifting the patient to a definitive care centre. This is not a hospitalization and treatment cover.
51When will I get my remuneration?
At the end of every month, post collection and confirmation from the Finance Department, the remuneration amount will be credited to the agents account.
52What if the subscriber cancels the subscription before the launch of the service?
The remuneration paid against that particular subscription will be clawed back in the subsequent months’ remuneration.