Emergency Transport

Aviators Air Rescue Emergency Transport.


Emergency Transport

HEMS emergency services have proven worldwide as life savers. The speed with which medical teams can reach a patient in life-threatening situations is vital. Aviators Air Rescue offers Emergency Transport for critically ill or injury patients where time is of essence to save the patient's life and save him/ her from permanent disability.

Aviators Air Rescue uses a combination of state-of-the-art dedicated rescue helicopters with a wide range of medical equipment onboard, the medical crew is able to assess the patient and initiate pre-hospital care. The stabilized patient can be transported by helicopter to the nearest or most appropriate hospital quickly, smoothly and in comfort.

An emergency medical helicopter can cover distances many times faster than a road ambulance and can land as close as possible to a hospital, saving precious time. The Patient encounters far less acceleration, braking and vibration than a ground unit. Also, there are no tight turns, screeching stops and bumpy roads with which to contend – allowing medical crews to concentrate on the mission and patients being transported in greater comfort.
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