About The Helicopter

Aviators Air Rescue AIRBUS H 130


About The Helicopter

AIRBUS H 130 Best Suited for EMS Mission

  • Large open space cabin with flat floor – enabling the fitment of wide range of medical equipment
  • Lowest noise signature in its class
  • Excellent visibility – 180° view for pilot
  • Active vibration control system
  • Easy cabin access – large sliding door and long boarding steps
  • Pilot and Co-pilot with a stretcher
  • Landing in confined and unprepared terrains
  • Low maintenance and operating costs

What is VEMD? - Vehicle and Engine Multi-function Display

The quick and easy engine start-up sequence and the high performance of the H130 ensure rapid and efficient interventions when saving lives. Its maneuverability and visibility enable the pilot to land more safely in confined areas. The VEMD decreases the pilot’s workload, enabling him to carry out critical missions in optimal safety. The Fenestron (or fantail, sometimes called "fan-in-fin") ensures safety in flight when manoeuvring close to obstacles and for personnel and patients on the ground.

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